▪️Have a goal of algorithmic investing. Researchers are well aware of the problems with data mining, over-fitting and spurious signals.

▪️Constantly refining private algorithms and improving the efficiency of systematic data processing pipeline.

▪️Spotted an algebraic error in the code? Private algorithms have completely automated the process of signal discovery.

The researchers to manually derive novel insights or trading models from data, and they don’t really bother with exclusive sources of data. Instead, hiring researchers to improve methods for automatically processing vast amounts of arbitrary data and extracting profitable trading signals from it.

▪️How to automate the data processing and feature extraction pipeline end to end?

The data is a pure abstraction to system, don’t bother with forming hypotheses and trying to find data to test the system, program algorithms to actively discover new correlations from the ground up. So many quantitative funds advertise how much data they work with, and how they have all these exotic sources of data at their disposal – but the data does not matter. The models for the data do not matter. Unless the data algorithm helping the development of new predictive models. Gixix team building algorithm models to profit from market in modern history searching to found success in deploying simple trading strategies. Now in order to build these quantitative algorithm models, Gixix is composed of media and digital technology of the highest order and it has even been described as the “affective digital media engineer department in the world”. Gixix has completely automated the process of signal discovery.

The media related language of efficiently processing that data are what matters.


You are competing with immense infrastructure and intellectual capital of the highest level.

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